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Songs You Might Not Like CD

"Imagine a sea odyssey (and oddity) that merges lo-fi Shins/early Kinks undertows, crests of cascading reverb, and a hefty dose of ahoy-matey DIY spirit. The as-yet relatively unknown Seattle quartet Boat also make their live shows adventure-worthy; past performances have included audience participation sessions with children's instruments and Jell-O pudding cups for all."--Dana Bos--Seattle Weekly. "The local band's keyboard- and melodica-tinged pop would work well being sung while waiting for rescue in the middle of the sea—a little sad but still hopeful and quite romantic in sound. Organic melodies reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel meet easy, flowing harmonies that take the edge off the lo-fi recording. Fans of Quasi and the Shins, take note, as you'll surely be pleased."MEGAN SELING--The Stranger. "Get into them, and they'll live at your house for a week ortwo. Their lo-fi-ness sometimes gets in the way like a great book written in comic sans.Get a little clearer recording, Boat, and Wes Anderson might consider you for the nextmovie".---Said the Gramophone---Jordan Himelfarb. I was recently asked to write about my favorite band, BOAT. I will keep it short or at least try. Their sound is indeed unique and because of that I have coined the phrase sloppy pop to describe their sound. From here on out please credit me H. Fozzelberry with the invention/coinage of this new genre of pop music. From what I understand, BOAT began as a basement dream of one D. Crane when he moved back to Seattle from a miserable stint in Chicago. Initially armed with good friends/cheap guitars/cheap microphones/a half broken Wurlitzer/a squeaky drumset/a few melodicas/pizza/burritos/fragile egos/and diet soda. It has since blossomed into a reality of good friends/a brother in law/better guitars/morecheap microphones/calzone and pizza/burritos/a half fixed Wurlitzer/a half broken theremin/a non squeaking drumset/still relatively fragile egos/a few cheap keyboards/and ridiculous amounts of diet soda and hand claps. This dream began taking shape with the release of a handmade album and EP "Life is a Shipwreck," and "After All." After several trips to the Paper Zone and Kinkos the band found themselves selling out of their homemade hand crafted albums and EPs as they began playing shows from Vancouver to San Francisco. Be it a house show or a biker bar the band is known for never playing the same show twice and never leaving the stage without sweat soaked shirts. BOAT's current lineup is the epitome of sloppy/poppy three piece rock. It features J. Goodman playing maniacal drum fills/tasteful tambourines/shakers and bells/and keyboards/all this while shouting backup vocals and la las/M. McKenzie playing McCarteney-esque bass and guitar as well as having the most silky smooth backup vocals in all of music/ and D. Crane playing guitars and keyboards and shouting and singing lyrics about lanterns, rainbow shoelaces, his hatred of Chicago, and ninjas. The touring lineup of BOAT features Ian Bone of Sacramento, CA as the utility man. They have put together a 17 song collection of their finest recorded moments entitled "Songs That You Might Not Like." The album features newly recorded versions of songs from their first two homemade releases as well as several new unreleased songs. Recorded in basements/living rooms and one very structurally questionable warehouse in Seattle, "Songs That You Might Not Like" has something for everyone. It has clapping/snapping/whistling/guitar solos/saxophone sounding accordians/bleeping keyboards/distorted piano/oohs/la la's/shouting/singing/even some broken theremin sounds. These songs are guaranteed to get stuck in your head and make you feel cooler than you really are. --H. Fozzelberry
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