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"Fusing treated piano with post rock influenced guitar pieces and epic works of decomposing droning feedback, this is a record for fans of William Basinski, Fennesz, Mogwai, Earth and Sunn O))). Machinefabriek is the eagerly awaited debut full-length from Dutch musician Rutger Zuydervelt. It comes in a timely fashion after a handful of gorgeous hand-made CD-R releases have filtered through the cracks on a regular basis over the last few months, the last two releases Manchester and Chinese (Un)Popular Song being the most acclaimed in the series yet! Marijn marks not only Zuydervelt's first album proper, but also a shift in thought, as he draws a line under the experimentation of his previous work to come up with a thoughtful collection of tracks, written together for the purpose of being played in one sitting. The album begins with crackly, slowly decomposing cassette-taped piano, in a similar vein to William Basinski's seminal Melancholia album, yet this is much noisier and more processed -- if William Basinski had a cache of effects pedals, this might be what he'd sound like. Quickly following this we have 'Somerset;' a gorgeous piece of menacing but oddly soothing reverberated guitar, reminiscent of the best bits of Earth's wonderful Hex album, yet also coming across like Mogwai, back when they used to have true lo-fi attitude or Fennesz with real heart. Throughout the rest of the album, Zuydervelt toys with more extended piano pieces and fuses them with droning feedback maybe best compared to Sunn O))) jamming with Ryuchi Sakamoto! The final piece on the album 'Lawine' is the best example of this; an epic 20- minute work, beginning with a simple piano jam but ending in a cascade of noise that would shake the nerves of even Wolf Eyes. Marijn is a true step forward for the genre and an easy contender for album of the year."
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