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Blood Music

Sing A Song Fighter CD

Karl-Jonas Winqvist, on ordinary days one of the vocalists and songwriters in the Swedish critically acclaimed pop group First Floor Power, and his solo project Blood Music. The work with the record started already in 2003, but due to several serious brain operations, the road to the finished album was shaky to say the least. But now finally it is here and we are happy to present this unique collection of new songs. These are songs that don't look in any other way and seem to lack apparent sources of inspiration. They are all permeated though, by Karl-Jonas Winqvist's characteristic and ingenious narrative voice. These are also pop songs, in which the guitar has stepped aside a bit, and now share the space together with balalaikas, accordions, saxophones and strings. "Sing a song fighter!" many times shifts in it's set up and in it's arrangements. And as Blood Music's unpredictable live performances, the result here is music that is trying to find it's own ways, and at the same time embraces simplicity and the smallest details. But then again, Blood Music is also a one man band that is constantly changing. Guest members come and go. Some stay longer, some hurry by. On this album they have all been part of contributing to fantastic songs like the peace hymn ""There is a war", previously released as MP3-single), the melancholic "Wintercold" with the soft beat, or the heart breaking but not so obvious interpretation of the Roches' "Runs in the family" from 1979, and finally the stripped down postcard from the reunion party "It's a party", or as his Swedish pop colleague mr Jens Lekman said in an interview last summer "Karl-Jonas has made the song, I've been trying to write for ten years now". All together, the eleven songs form an exciting debut album that we hope you are going to enjoy as much as we do!
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