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Songs From The Valley Of Baca CD

Dreamy, evocative soundscape that recalls My Bloody Valentine & Cocteau Twins, with glimmers of glitch as in Fennesz or Khonnor. Swedish singer-songwriter David Åhlén takes his one-man project to new heights with Namur's most recent album "Songs from the Valley of Baca". While his previous albums, "Cherub Dust" (2001) and "Conquer Me" (2003 - nominated for best postrock/electronica album by Manifest Awards 2004), displayed restrained minimalistic indietronica inspired by artists such as Boards of Canada, Múm, and Radiohead, the tone of the new album is far more grandiose. "Songs from the Valley of Baca" has a dreamlike, evocative soundscape that breathes My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins. There are still glimmers of electronic influences – this time more along the lines of Fennesz or Khonnor. Single-handedly, in a concrete basement room, David has combined his various musical ingredients into a beautiful, harmonized ensemble where violins and fuzz-guitars mingle with oil drums and programmed bass lines. David's enchanting voice is constantly present above this ensemble, proclaiming liturgical metaphors about heaven, hell, death, and resurrection. David mixed and mastered the album in the Matching Head studio in Stockholm with Rolf Klinth (Tiger Lou, Firefox AK, etc). Special guests that participated in the recording of the album include Rebekkamaria from Lampshade (Glitterhouse Records) and jazz pianist Andreaz Hedén (Hemlandssånger).
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