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1,2,3,4: The Early Singles 1986-1989 CD

Rumblefish's early singles career on the Pink Label and Summerhouse Records is captured for posterity in a comprehensive compilation of their pre-major label days. Featuring the band's first-ever recording, Solid Wood, which only saw the light of day on the Pink sampler It Sells Or It Smells, and their three independent singles, 1234 is the legacy of one of the great bands of indie pop's most productive and interesting eras.
Rumblefish were not only one of the late 80s bands most likely to they actually did. Building up a cult following and becoming the coolest of the very cool Pink Label's artists they released the glorious Tug-Boat Line to critical acclaim and impressive sales.
When Pink imploded under the strain of extreme coolness, Rumblefish moved to new label Summerhouse, home of acts such as 4,000,000 Telephones, Friends and Quinn The Eskimo. There they released two 12" singles - Medicine, still featuring the scratchy hard-driving sound of their earliest work, and Don't Leave Me, a much more mainstream sound hinting at the direction the band would ultimately take. Eventually signing to East West, their troubled relationship with the major label at least produced one great album, the self-titled Rumblefish.
Characterised by the enigmatic and often rather sinister lyrics of songwriter Jeremy Paige, great rhythmic energy and some classic tunes, Rumblefish were possibly always too quirky for mass acclaim.
This is the first time these four recordings have been available in digital format, and the CD comes with notes on the songs and a band history from founder member Paige.
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