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Ladyhawk CD

LADYHAWK'S core is bracing rock. NEIL YOUNG'S "Tonight's The Night" is the hailstorm on the hood of THE REPLACEMENTS' "Let It Be," while distorted guitars invoke the thread and swerve of SILKWORM and DINOSAUR JR. Helped along the way by AMBER WEBBER (vocals) and JOSH WELLS (percussion, organ, singing) of BLACK MOUNTAIN, it will be hard to find a more hauntingly beautiful set of rock music than this debut. It was recorded and mixed, with the help of Black Mountaineers Wells and MATTHEW CAMIRAND, in the "Karachi Vice" clubhouse, in the back of a furniture factory, amongst chicken and fish processing plants. With some of the more "inexpensive" ladies of the night scattered about, it captures the bottlenecked frenzy of their much-loved live show. There, each night, these grown-up kids at heart fall over, get right back up, cry on shoulders and fold the day in halves, watching the sun come up over the dashboard.
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