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I'm Not A Gun

We Think As Instruments CD

We Think As Instruments is John Tejada and Takeshi Nishimoto's third album, and the title perfectly describes the duo's journey, exploring the possibilities of a two-piece band, bringing together delicate electronics and free-floating acoustic instruments. Floating is one of the keywords here. Tejada, most and best known for his dancefloor-influenced productions, is the head of the flow research department by definition, Nishimoto, whose favorite guitar is a custom-built 7-string, is a dedicated music lover, fascinated by genres and styles too numerous to mention. The tracks here push the hybrid of digital tightness and soulful playfulness into a new dimension. "A Letter From The Past" incorporates minimal drum programming and lush chords from the sarod, a classical Indian instrument he has been practicing with for years. We Think As Instruments allows the various instruments to have more room, managing to make the tracks sound more spacious yet more detailed. I'm Not A Gun is not a recreation of a smoky jazz club, nor the soundtrack for a late-night drive, where a certain relaxed dizziness is the motor... it is a very special effort by two of the most gifted and reliably surprising musicians around.
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