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Vertigo II is the second album from Oliver Doerell and Roger Doring under the Dictaphone tag, further honing their delicately homespun tape loops and jazz emissions into a new kind of midnight effervescence that has won them a sizeable following and a dedicated audience for their hugely acclaimed live shows. As anyone who has had the indignity of using one will know, dictaphones tend to be awkward little buggers that happily tape a conversation across the room whilst rendering the intended subject incomprehensible. Dictaphone have taken this appellation as a starting point and there is undoubtedly something of the "overheard" about Vertigo II. Laying down a membrane of mealy clicks, glitches and sliced digitalis, Vertigo II at times resembles the intricate bedrock of artists such as Jen Jelinek or Angelo Badalamenti. Vertigo II happily indulges in sonorous bass, allowing the loose-limbed horns and digital detritus to roam the spectrum without becoming detached from the guiding core. Peppering the album with snatches of shortwave-interference (most memorably a snooker match), found-sound snapshots and soundtrack conventions (including a haunting nod to Ed Wood), Dictaphone manage to massage an astonishing amount of material into an end result that feels as light as a feather and refreshingly clean, while avoiding the inherent sterility this can often imply. Littered with a vault full of lost memories and escaped snatches of conversation, Vertigo II reads like a montage of recollections torn and taped by David Lynch in a smoky hotel room, someplace in the middle of nowhere.
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