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I'm Not A Gun

Everything At Once LP

"i'm not a gun" are john tejada and takeshi nishimoto. techno's best kept secret, john tejada (playhouse, palette, 7th city etc.) has decided to take a break from his usual (= strictly electronic) productions. together with his friend takeshi nishimoto he sits back on the veranda of postrock-instrumentals and relaxes. tejada on drums, guitar and electronics nishimoto on guitar and bass dream away their day and make ours. with airy gestures and a sunny state of mind, they jam themselves into textures which have learned their lesson from the best records of the chicago school: jazzrock does not have to be a pretentious monster, but can sing a poem of the utopia of unhierachical communication. as soon as structure wins over the solo, dialogue over technical skills and the lightness of swing over the pathos of improvisation.
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