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In the few years Chicago's Zelienople have been an actual band, they've experimented with a variety of configurations. After the shifting eclecticism of Pajama Avenue and the hushed, almost melancholy focus of Sleeper Coach, Zelienople have arrived with the most well-integrated statement of their divergent threads. Ink was recorded on two separate days in May and April 2005.The instrumentation is quite different from Zelienople's previous releases, with most of the instruments being invented. Boxes with springs were used for percussion, and many of the "string" sounds were made with tuned suspension cables.
"This local quartet is fond of drones, disembodied sounds, live-to-tape recording, and looming ambience.The group employs guitars and tuned suspension cables among other instruments on the album, but damned if I can tell which is which. Get it while it's hot: Ink has been released in a numbered edition of 100, with spooky cover art to match the music inside." Chicago Reader
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