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Zucchini Drive

Being Kurtwood CD

On the opener “Painting Things In Harsh Colours”, for example, Italian band Giardini di Mirò blend dream pop guitars with fast break beats, on other tracks Markus Acher (The Notwist, 13 & God et al.) and Aqua Luminus III prove that lo-fi strumming and hip-hop DO mix while B. Fleischmann (Morr Music) cranks up his groove box to the max. Further guest appearances include: Finnish mastermind Lauri, Styrofoam, Lord Grunge (of US hip-hop duo Grand Buffet), Pilot Balloon, Populous, Anticon member Alias and American emcee Bleubird who adds his inimitable raps to the mighty bounce of “Easy Tiger”. "The block-paved coupling of Marcus Graap (Stacs of Stamina) and Siaz (Cavemen Speak), Zucchini Drive are best lumped into the freshly minted 'Euro Crunk' genre - taking influences from europop, hip-hop, punk-rock and ravecore. Opening through an undulating flutter of soundscape action, 'Painting Things In Harsh Colours' soon ups the ante - kicking off the album with a euro-hop skitter that marinates the almost mcenroe rhymes in some clipped-wing breaks. That it sounds a bit like Linkin Park can just about be overlooked, especially when the Markus Archer guesting 'Sombre City' takes over and plunges the splenetic mood down a peg or two with treated acoustic shards (think Notwist) puncturing the foot-stomping bravado. Elsewhere, 'Knucklesandwich' is scratch-blasted tender-hop, 'Vagabondage' flirts with some ghettotech action as they flex the low-end, whilst 'Banned From Poland' is what Eminem would sound like if he paid for stuff in Euros. Closing with the rotating style buffet of 'Good Music & Indian Food', Zucchini Drive have seemingly managed (by the skin of their teeth) to keep the disparate sounds contained within 'Being Kurtwood' under control long enough for it to be pressed. Just one thing lads; it's courgette!" -Boomkat
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