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Faine Jade

Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital CD

"The story behind this 1968 psychedelic classic begins two years earlier, when Boston based Faine signed a solo deal with New York label Providence (a subsidiary of Laurie, who he was briefly a staff writer for along with former bandmate Nick Manzi). The result was the single Love on a Candy Apple Day/It Ain't True (both featured here as bonus tracks). Satisfied with the results, and feeling confident with his songwriting abilities, Faine then set about recording more demos in late 1967, this time with Nick Manzi's new band Bohemian Vendetta acting as backing band. These demos were picked up by yet another New York label, R.S.V.P. who signed Faine up to record the album that was to become Introspection. Using Ultra Sonic Studios in New York, and Bohemian Vendetta again to back him up, the album was soon wrapped up and finally released in late 1968. It sold well locally and received considerable airplay. But what of the album? Comparisons to Sgt. Pepper have been made with its use of sound effects and orchestrated arrangements. It's certainly psychedelic/experimental too, drawing ideas not only from The Beatles, but the healthy West Coast scene of the time. Highlights are many, whether they are the well arranged string-based interludes or acid guitar led songs."
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