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The brothers Tapes banded together in the winter of 2003, to salvage what they could of their sanity from the frozen tundra that is Minneapolis. After a year spent honing their musical stylings, the collective developed a sound that Splendid calls "a hybrid that resembles Low fighting it out with My Bloody Valentine...eclectic, style-defying stuff." Tapes 'n Tapes unleashed their self-recorded, selfreleased EP in 2004, on unsuspecting music lovers far and wide. Star Tribune said these "recordings are homemade dementia stuff, really." They were armed with more hits than a heavyweight fight, so the brothers hit the road to spread their message of goodwill from coast to coast, playing shows with the likes of The Futureheads, The Streets, Metric, Calvin Johnson, and I am the World Trade Center, just to name a few. After some moves and shakes, the family has adopted a new brother and expanded their brood to four. Now Tapes 'n Tapes bring you their long play record debut, The Loon, which The Onion A.V. Club touts as "one of the best locally produced discs of the year." The Loon was recorded at Darren Jackson's (Kid Dakota, The Hopefuls) Short Man Studios in June 2005 with Erik Appelwick (Vicious Vicious, The Hopefuls). Appelwick worked overtime; recording, mixing and producing the album. Tapes 'n Tapes are proud to present you with their sweet smelling, body rocking collection of the freshest songs you'll hear all year. Believe City Pages when they say, "This is love Pixies-style."
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