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Rudolf Rocker

Rabbiting With Richard Dido CD

Deadpan vocals, bossanova beats, big, distorted guitars vs. insane keyboards, live drums layered on a detuned drummachine... and whistling! Yes, welcome to the second album from RUDOLF ROCKER. Their keyboard player happens to be a member of BBC TV's cult comedy The League of Gentlemen but this music speaks for itself-in its own bizarre language.
The late John Peel naturally championed their previous album and singles which gave rise to reviews like: "An extraordinary band...sound like Noel Coward sniffing glue" -Melody Maker "Situationist easy listening noise...a fine selection of cheese cuts" -NME "Magazine playing the James Last Orchestra" -Event
Their songs examine war, dead philosophers, items of percussion, big-chinned celebrities and much much more. They're named after a Germanic icon too which is why we say that Rudolf Rocker truly are the old Franz Ferdinand!
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