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Pedro's self-titled debut has been met with much critical acclaim thanks to its beautiful psychedelic layering of free folk-hop and processed acoustic melody. "Fear and Resilience," the most highly regarded track on that album, has been remixed here by some of the most exciting and fearless producers working today. Although the drastically different approaches include Prefuse 73's intricate click-hop, Cherrystone's rock-flavored re-interpretation, Danger Mouse's Pete Rock inspired sample-thon, Home Skillet's abstract sound collage, and finally Four Tet's twenty-one minute(!) mini-album, they all capture the spirit of the Pedro sound.
Pedro is the nom de disque of musical nomad James Rutledge, a UK producer with a reputation as both music scholar and beatsmith. Since the release of his first EP in 1999, Pedro has worked relentlessly to broaden the definition of instrumental hip-hop. Tasteful references to modern orchestral composition, pastoral folk, and experimental rock quickly established Pedro as a unique craftsman of collected sound.
Originally released on Manchester's Melodic Records, Pedro's debut full-length garnered universal critical praise and nods from high-profile producers like Danger Mouse, Fennesz, Four Tet, Hood, Kevin Shields, Prefuse 73, Andrew Weatherall and Thom Yorke. The album is the sound of an artist finding his voice through the distillation of disparate musical forms. Textures of jazz, folk, and rock sit upon a bed of hip hop-infused beats supplemented with samples of chopped and layered musical instruments. The compositions range from simple piano embellished with rhythm-generating effects to complex collages filled with live synths swirling over layers of heavy drum programming. The CD edition of this reissue contains a bonus disc featuring the Fear & Resilience EP.
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