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Jackie-O Motherfucker

Flags Of The Sacred Harp CD

This is the highly-anticipated fifth full-length JOMF release, their first in three years. Jackie-O Motherfucker was formed in 1994 by Tom Greenwood and Nester Bucket layering guitars and sax over hand-cut analog tape loops and collage, collections of found sound, field recordings, cut-up classic rock, hip-hop beats and 4-tracked drones. Assembled and processed, the band rehearsed often in the basement of an abandoned drug store on Mississippi St. in North Portland. The first live performances featured an amplified reel-to-reel tape machine and electric guitar while additions of live percussion, 8-track tapes, alto sax, and a turntable filled out the sound. After a US/European tour in the late summer of 2003 the East Coast configuration of JOMF temporarily dissolved, with members returning to Brooklyn and Montreal. The group re-assembled in Portland and recording sessions began for Flags of the Sacred Harp. Honey Owens returned to working with the group again, having departed after Fig. 5 to work with her other group Nudge. The new configuration also includes guitarist Adam Forkner (Yumi Bitsu, Whiterainbow, Devendra Banhart). Over a year in the making, Flags of the Sacred Harp displays the group's patient and evolved songwriting style with historic references to American blues and hymns. One of the most focused and sublime releases from Jackie-O Motherfucker, the release contains songs that are all manifestations, mutations and re-interpretations of old blues and gospel, specifically from an old hymnal called "The Sacred Harp." Three lush, beautiful vocal arrangements on each side of a 17-minute soaring instrumental making a total of 7 songs unfolding over 70+ minutes. Flags of the Sacred Harp is an epic recording documenting the group's maturing skills in writing, arranging and production and is a timeless de-construction of American music.
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