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Le Mans


Digipak reissue, including booklet featuring the lyrics and remastered sound, of the debut album by LE MANS, originally released on Elefant Records in 1994. The first steps by LE MANS are based in unexpected influences for a Spanish band in those years (MARINE GIRLS, FELT and Cherry Red bands, Motown soul) creating a sound that would be set as a reference for a whole generation of Spanish pop bands to come behind them. Songs so simple that nowadays, when listening to them, one must wonder how come nobody had found such an effective formula before. But truth is that, in 1994, songs like "Astronautas" or "Jersey inglÚs" weren't very usual in the Spanish pop scene. The album is opened by the danceable charms and the tribute to Sly Stone of "Un rayo de sol". It is followed by more relaxed, 100% LE MANS songs such as "Jersey inglÚs" (with a guitar lick taken from ORANGE JUICE), "Juan" or "Al bulevar". Another remarkable moment is "H.E.L.L.O", which is enhanced by some shy electronic beats and the vocal collaboration of Borja from San Sebastian friends LA BUENA VIDA.
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