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Hailing from Providence, these ex-members of Arab on Radar, La Machine and Bossman play music...the kind that inspired Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore to buy them drinks the last time they played Brooklyn. Made in Mexico came into existence when Rebecca Mitchell moved to Providence from Oklahoma and was asked by Dare Matheson and Jon Loper (members of Providence's psychedelic freak-out ensemble La Machine) to start a band. The rehearsals went strangely at first. Everyone tried their best to ease the tension by playing music they mutually agreed was good: Captain Beefheart, Devo, Chrome, Amon Duul II, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Sleetmute/Nightmute...and that's when the writing began. The band debuted before a packed audience at the Safari Lounge in downtown Providence, with Schneider wielding his trademark Travis Bean aluminum-necked guitar. As far as the people in attendance were concerned, everything they loved about these artists was back, better than ever. One sarcastic fan yelled out "Arab on Radar!" Schneider looked out into the crowd and replied, "Made in Mexico!" The fan replied, "It's magic!" And it really was. "Made in an amalgam of the spaghetti-strung guitar contortions Schneider slung in the past, unsteady rhythms and structure shifts, and a dose of heavy punk aggression filtered through the mix. Driving beats and riffs are easily knocked offkilter, leading to rickety breakdowns and buildups that may or may not find their way back to the song's main motif. There's some great music to be harvested from this rather unrefined ore." Dusted
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