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Xiu Xiu

Life And Live CD

Hailing from Oakland and Seattle, Xiu Xiu are a sonic experiment in sad, harrowing, politically dark, often confrontational pop songs. Life and Live is an exclusive release only on the Italian label Xeng -- the band historically has been strongly associated with 5 Rue Christine in the U.S. This is their fifth release, and was recorded before La ForÍt and after the incredible Fabulous Muscles album (which has been featured on many Best of 2004 lists). In Life and Live you will find a brilliant collection of acoustic songs, recorded with Devendra Banhart. This album guides you through the essence of the melancholic and twisted universe of Xiu Xiu. Painfully autobiographical, morose, histrionic, and deeply influenced by modern classical, improvisation, British pop and post-punk, techno beats, and the gamelan orchestra. Strained and aggressively somber politico/personal indie-rock/folk as influenced by Bauhaus, New Order, and The Smiths.
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