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Shopping For Images 2xLP

"midaircondo are a Swedish trio (Lisa Nordström, Lisen Rylander and Malin Dahlström) fusing highly visual performance with improvised live electroacoustic music. These three gifted musicians realised during a knitting session that that they all had a similar urge to experiment with sound and widen their musical range. The three developed their unique sound through improvised jam sessions using saxophone, flute, vocals, laptops and samplers. By further incorporating a plethora of unusual instruments and abstract recorded sounds, their jam sessions developed into structured and coherent improvisations. Before long midaircondo were on stage, and these experimental live methods became the basis of their live sound. The live element became the core of the band, something unusual in modern electronic music. Whereas most acts have to struggle to translate an electronic home-studio sound into live performance, midaircondo had to work out how to mix their powerful live dynamic down to an album. Shopping For Images is a purified essence of this vibrant energy, and while tailored for the studio, it still retains the live improvised quality which makes midaircondo so unique."
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