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Boy Robot

Rotten Cocktails LP

Electronica aimed firmly for the dancefloor, Rotten Cocktails is Hans Möller (Boulderdash) and Michael Zorn's second album after 2003's smasher Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle (CCO 016 CD/LP). Boy Robot is the meeting of two ex-software industry solo artists who have forged a musical history all their own. This release is all about power, about the punch of a hefty bass drum, about the type of energy thought to be impossible in what we call electronica. Assembling disco-stompers, French filterhouse, and rocking robotics, Boy Robot merge their unique approach towards melody and sound with sometimes straight, sometimes dreamy beats, converting every dancefloor into a mosh-pit of the freshest electronica ever heard. Rotten Cocktails is a mélange that will never let you down: let's drink to that.
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