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Status Quo Audio is an exciting brand new label, the vision of which is to present a series of split EPs showcasing two great bands, and one great artist - presenting the 3 together in a limited edition package. This first edition is recommended if you like: Explosions In The Sky, American Football, Sigur Ros, The Swirlies, The Sea And Cake, etc. SNOWBEAST: Snowbeast is a musical group from Chicago, Illinois. Although the name sounds like a Norwegian heavy metal band, they are not at all. The group is a 3 piece comprised of Chuck Horne, Pat LaRose, and Ed Ballinger. The music has a broad range of influence but certain familiar sounds are immediately prominent. Early Sonic Youth, Swervedriver, Bitch Magnet, 80's Punk, and early 90's shoegaze are just a few of the more obvious tones. The sound is comprised of dense oddly tuned guitar sounds, catchy bass riffs, highly energetic drums and some sparse vocal arrangements. The band features ex members of Clairecords bands Polar and Con Dolore. ALWAYS THE RUNNER: Formed amidst the shady oaks of Baton Rouge LA, Always the Runner is an instrumental rock band developed by four young gentlemen in the summer of 2003. Shortly after it's incarnation, AtR entered the studio in August '03 to record their first demo. From these sessions came the two-song EP "I Thought I'd Find You Here", made available on the bands website and at performances. Their first full-length album was released March 2004 (Myla Records). It was recorded under the direction of indie-acclaimed engineer Fred Weaver at Apocalypse the Apocalypse studio in their hometown of Baton Rouge, LA. Promotional support for the album included an 11 city Midwest tour in summer '04 and a 12 city trek up the Northeast megalopolis in winter '04 that took the band as far as up-state NY. In June '05, AtR recorded their latest full-length with engineer/producer Andy Baker (Macha, Man or Astroman?, Crooked Fingers, Elf Power) at the Boulevard House in Athens, GA. The full-length, titled "An August Golf" is due for release in September 2005 (Velora Records) and features 8 tracks. SCOTT SAW: Scott Saw creates vibrant, energetic paintings where dreams and current surroundings cross-pollinate with childhood memories and subconscious interpretations of the afterlife. His work entangles birth, life and death and explores the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds. Saw's paintings have been regarded as romanticized gothic landscapes of nature, misfi ts and oddities. Scott's most recent exhibition at Froden Gallery in Santa Monica marked his fi rst solo art exhibit in the Los Angeles area and spanned two years of intense art production. In recent years, Saw has exhibited his artwork in over 30 gallery shows including La Luz De Jesus (Los Angeles), Roq La Rue (Seattle), 111 Minna, Shooting Gallery (San Francisco), MModern Gallery (Palm Springs), and Skeleton Art Gallery (Santa Fe, NM). Despite Scott's success as an emerging artist, his prices are still aff ordable and he always enjoys meeting new people at art events.
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