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Ham CD

The Chap return with their eclectic mix of new wave fuzz and esoteric electronica via their second album, Ham. Based in North London, The Chap are Claire Hope (keyboards, vocals), Johannes von Weizsäcker (guitar, vocals, computer, cello), Panos Ghikas (bass, violin, guitar, computer, vocals) and Keith Duncan (drums).
Crafting choir-driven space rock anthems, The Chap embrace melancholic disco, destroy string instruments, and twist abstract electronics into pop songs with lyrics about courage, modesty, sex and asthma! Think Soft Pink Truth cutting up Talking Heads and Kylie on vibes.
Having gigged extensively with the likes of Tom Vek, Erase Errata, Numbers, and Laika, Ham sees the band moving in a more accessible direction; "It's more poppy and easy on the ear than The Horse. Fuck knows what happened!" Shrugs Johannes. "When Ham was finished, we had to admit to ourselves that we really liked it and that in fact we're just a bunch of sad teenyboppers."
From the blissful melancholia of "Auto Where To" to the blistering wall of guitars on "Now Woel" to "Clissold Park" which builds through glitch/guitar soundscapes into euphoric release, it's clear that The Chap are a band that explore sonic experimentation and melody in equal parts. You might think it too good to be true; a band that makes music not only original and highly intelligent, but also supremely accessible and party-incitable, influenced by the most ridiculous in popular culture.
The Chap started when Johannes persuaded Panos and Claire to play live gigs with him for his solo project. They soon developed into a full band, writing all the music together. Keith, the drummer, joined them shortly after. It wasn't long before they attracted the sharply tuned and eclectic ears of Lo Recordings (Cursor Miner, Red Snapper, et al) and this naturally gave birth to a series of releases, culminating in debut album The Horse.
Now, with Ham they present the latest and best installment of their startling musical odyssey. Welcome to an album that is even more catchy, more groovy, even more strange, and just more...
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