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Baby 63

Quiver 100 7"

In the 1980s, the cassette underground was something to be into. Thousands of bands had access to cheap recording and duplication equipment for the first time in music history. What resulted was a cornucopia of oddness and wonderful sounds. Baby 63 was an active part of that underground. Started in the early 80s in suburban Washington DC, Karin Fletcher recorded a half dozen cassettes and released them to the world. These two songs - Quiver and Shark Watcher Maker - are from her first recorded in 1984. What you get is a mix of the Residents, Birthday Party, early Fetus, and pre-dance Industrial. Though the music is made from loops and primitive instruments, the result is songs, not pure noise or endless drone. Forget hype, forget fact that I am trying to sell you a record by someone you never heard of. This is great stuff. Only 500.
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