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Tan Sleeve

Bad From Both Sides CD

2004 releases from Lane Steinberg and Steve Barry. Reminiscent of The Beatles, in parts, and hints of Elton John abound. They are doing what they have always done best: baroque soft-pop. Both Bacharach and Brian Wilson figure here, retro with a real reverence for the material. New CD contains twelve small slices from this immense pop pie. From the trip-hop-meets-British Invasion rhythms of "Equidistant", the Bacharach-ian strains of "When Things Go Wrong", from the Stones-meets-the-Faces romp of "Making Tyrone Disappear", to the Lennon-esque "Destruction", Tan Sleeve reveal a rainbow of sonic diversity, wrapped with their trademark harmonies. "Lying somewhere in between the Pearlfishers and Simon & Garfunkel" - Indiepages. "Fully realized keyboard/acoustic guitar-led arrangements with a full complement of musicians still steeped in the fun-filled, folk-rock/sunshine pop/Bacharach-like tradition of their prior releases!"-KoolKat. " while our subtly dynamic duo continue to flourish round the grand tradition of Messrs. Nilsson, Williams (as in Paul), Rundgren (as in his "Todd" album) and even Bacharach, the songs themselves are now taking straight off towards ever loftier, more adventurous but always charmingly so heights of fancy (as the deceptively simple title track immediately demonstrates in lush modulating abundance)."-Jumping Fences.
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