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São Paris, as their name implies, is an urban Franco-Brazilian duet. Meet Leticia and Thomas' music with their first album Movimento. São Paris, new signing on the F Communication Roster, is not a merge between touchy jazzy house and Brazilian music. Their universe mixes pure and textured electronica, songwriting and Brazilian grooves. It's very difficult to compare their music to others. That's what makes this new signing exciting and fresh for our ears. But if we have to give any directions, we would be close to Tarwater on the concept (they play minimal and experimental electronic merging vocal folk music. São Paris is a also a merge of electronica but with Brazilian grooves), Warp on the label, probably Readymade FC on the sound and even sometimes a little Björk in the atmosphere. In the end, São Paris has unique gentle electronic Brazilian sound full of poetic songs and changing atmospheres.
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