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Numero O CD

we are proud to present 'numero O' the first ever UK release from O, and the third release from the telescopes antenna label. O are a french minimalist 'orchestra non orchestra', an enigmatic duo inspired by archeology, plastic arts and poetry. O speak an abstract language through the medium of acoustic guitars, electricity, distorted childıs flute, bells, and concrete, numeric noises indistinctly. there are no known photographs of O, we have never seen their faces, they prefer not to show them, believing it could work against the intimacy of the listening experience. prior to this release O have existed mainly in the french 'no-audience' underground scene, releasing great recordings as O, [.], or je for amazing labels such as burning emptiness. "Yan from O insists O is not musicŠthe listeners make it music. So the listener is the only artist involved and must work towards building new music. O work against demonstrative music and believe the mastering of an instrument to be an illusion. O never hide their chaos, and realize death gives sense and value to life. O are old children. Their detuned aesthetic of primitive error, and their disobedience of metronome clearly express this vision. Their music is like prehistoric art. When O use electricity, you feel the voltage flowing through you, and when they pluck string, you feel the snap of bone and the tension of wire." --dusted magazine
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