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Q and Not U

No Kill No Beep Beep LP

11 songs. 41 minutes. LP/CD. Recorded by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios. Follow up to the "Hot and Informed" 7" split release between DeSoto and Dischord. Q and Not U, comprised of Matt Borlik, John Davis, Harris Klahr and Chris Richards, formed in the summer of 1998 and put on the monkey suit in December of that year. The band's first release, the Hot and Informed single, came out in April 2000. The band's second release, the No Kill No Beep Beep full-length record, was recorded by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios in June of 2000 and will be released in October of 2000. Q And Not U has played out extensively throughout its two year history and has played with friendly bands like Engine Down, Milemarker, The No-Go's, The Faint, Burning Airlines, The Make*Up, Radio 4, The Dismemberment Plan, The Most Secret Method, Red Monkey, The Camera Obscura, Faraquet, Rainer Maria, Vue, Juno, All-Scars, The Better Automatic, Bald Rapunzel, The Last Seconds Of..., No Lie Relaxer, Poster Children, Skull Kontrol, El Guapo and many other excellent people.
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