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Pallaschtom CD

Pioneers of the drum & bass duo, Japan's Ruins are renowned around the globe for their incomparable form of hyper-kinetic hardcore prog rock. Their influence is heard in the music of John Zorn's Naked City, Fantomas, Lightning Bolt, Yowie and a generation of musical freakouts, but Ruins continue to evolve and lead the charge. Pallaschtom further deepens the story as Ruins take a dark turn into an even tighter, seemingly unplayable compositional style loaded with percussive frenzies, blistering bass guitar contortionism, and inimitable vocal stylings sung in a language of their own invention.
Following full-length Vrresto, a split 7" with High on Fire and a cross-country "bassist wanted" summer tour, Pallaschtom (previously only available overseas) has been extensively remixed & remastered (and in some cases, re-recorded) by Ruins founder Tatsuya Yoshida for it's domestic release. The album closes with three medleys, extremely popular at live performances but largely unheard by American listeners: "The Classical Music Medley," "The Hard Rock Medley" and "The Progressive Rock Medley" which, between the three, compress nearly a hundred-song history of music into just over six minutes, covering Vivaldi, Black Sabbath, Yes and most points in between.
Ruins have a tremendous worldwide following from an incredibly diverse group of music enthusiasts and have sold tens of thousands of records on Skin Graft, John Zorn's Tzadik, Shimmy Disc/Knitting Factory Works and Mike Patton's Ipecac. Pallaschtom is being released on the heels of Ruins' split 7" with High on Fire and a summer U.S. tour. Incredibly, 2005 is Ruins' 20th year! In celebration, Skin Graft will also release a remixed/remastered edition of the Refusal Fossil CD this fall.
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