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Blood On The Wall is the sound of a couch being tossed from the second story to thunderous applause. The feeling that one gets when you have finished off the last of the tequila and it's on to the beer. That tinge of sadness late into the evening right before the dawn is about to break and the regrets and hopes of your life merge with first chirps of the birds starting their day. This three piece consisting of Courtney and Brad Shanks, yes they are really brother and sister, with Miggy Littleton (Ida, White Magic, The Shit) hitting the skins are attuned to the mysteries of music. Blood On The Wall's second record is, as the name might suggest, Awesomer. Recorded under the watchful eye of producer Nicholas Vernhes (Fiery Furnaces, Black Dice, Silver Jews) the three have settled more into their own skin as they run from their heaviest song to date "Stoner Jam", out of the pop anthem "Mary Susan" and into the quick shredding of "Hey Hey" to end in your arms with "Going To Heaven." All the while they stick to the hooks and the playful dynamic that has made them the rock enchanters of the NYC music scene.
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