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Yha Hamaraa CD

Paavoharju is a new band and this their first full length release. Amazing in the way it sounds as well in it's beauty. "We created this record during 2001-2005. Also many other things happened. Mostly Yhä hämärää is trying to reflect inner landscapes. Of course concrete places are forming and partly creating those inner views. Some highly inspiring places: Durde, densis, my home, Pöllänlahti, toilet, graveyard, sewers, disco, the beach at redpoint, rooftops at night, alcoholic's home, churches, Uukuniemi, foggy fields, sauna, my bed. Everything the light touches (and doesn't touch) is our kingdom. We like Yhä hämärää very much." -- Lauri Ainala / Paavoharju.
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