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Dimension Mix features: Beck, Stereolab, Fantastic Plastic Machine, The Apples in Stereo, Money Mark, Tipsy, Eels, Brother Cleve, Oranger, Anubian Lights, Irving, DJ Me DJ You, From Bubblegum to Sky, Chris Kachulis, Geoffrey Owen & Mary Christopher, Blue-Eyed Son, The Stones Throw Singers, and Danielson Famile.
Bruce Haack - A lonely only-child who barely saw the shadows of the Depression and World War II scrape across his sleepy mining town in Alberta, Canada. He would grow up to become a father of electronic music and gifted composer/songwriter who could scribble Carnegie Hall onto a laundry list of life achievements right next to Julliard dropout.
Haack's musical career careened through the 1950s--he wrote radio ditties for the Dot and Coral record labels on one day, experimented with enough tape loops, violins, sopranos, and electronics to transform a Belgian ballet commission into a treatise on mechanical music on the next. He was an unparalleled innovator who constructed synthesizers and soundtracks befitting the zenith of the space-age. He was also an unbridled creative force in need of just enough bearing to keep from self-destructing.
Esther Nelson and Dimension 5 - A children's dance teacher and lyricist. Also, first mate at the helm of Haack's creative energies. In 1962, Nelson and Haack met and formed the Dimension 5 record label. Together, they would write and record more than ten children's records over the next twenty years. Haack's reverse-entropy dancescapes and arcade blips and blizzards played Funk Brothers to the hip-hopping lesson plans of Nelson's Diana Ross?with the exception that Haack's groove radiated from somewhere deep in the heart of schematics most electronic engineers at the time would feign to understand, and Nelson's covergirl starlet was more accurately a cloistered grade-school teacher caught in sin-wave oscillation between Grimm's Fairy Tales and Gray's Anatomy.
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