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Darla's Sacramento crew have finished their third new wavey power pop record chock full of rockin' guitars and sweet vocal harmonies. Fans of the California Oranges and their previous incarnations (Holiday Flyer, Sinking Ships) will be pleased as it is absolutely their best record to date. The band features John Conley, Katie Haley, Verna Brock, Matt Levine, and Ross Levine, a skilled group of songwriters that create, "catchy songs with heart that would be all over the radio in an ideal world." -- Dave Heaton - Erasing Clouds, 1/1/03. Their new venture Souvenirs is classic crunchy pop/rock in the tradition of The Primitives, Velocity Girl, The Bangles and Teenage Fanclub. The California Oranges most recent work successfully melds catchy vocal melodies and three part harmonies with a slightly harder new wave edge. Together the California Oranges continue to illustrate their mastery of pop fundamentals and, "adding a gob of punk to their natural pop makes the band gel in fine fashion." -- Brian J., Delusions of Adequacy, 1/1/03. The result is a satisfying burst of freshly squeezed music. Track highlights include, "Three Orange Tigers", "Good Luck Charm", and "Falling Back". Indie pop super star Verna Brock sings lead on two tracks in her famously recognizable thick California accent. Produced by Dana Gumbiner of the band Deathray at Brighton Sound, Sacramento. Mastered by Kevin Bartley, Capitol Mastering, Hollywood. "The California Oranges have a timeless appeal." Splendid. "The California Oranges are good at what they do, which is crafting catchy pop songs." -- Delusions of Adequacy. "The California Oranges wed the deepest emotions with the most sugar-sweet pop melodies and upbeat, energetic rock. All in all, it's a perfect combination." -- Pop Matters.
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