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Boyce & Hart

I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight CD

Bobby Hart and Tommy Boyce were popmeisters who wrote songs for the early Phil Spector productions among many others. But perhaps their best known project was The Monkees. Turned down for roles early in the auditions, they landed the perhaps more artistically satisfying and lucrative roles as writer/producers for the music content of the show... indeed, it was their own band, The Candy Store Prophets, who ghosted for The Monkees on their early sessions, including all the early hits and successful album tracks. Efforts by other Screen Gems writers and producers, from Neil Sedaka to The Tokens, to usurp their roles and get in on the Monkees cash bonanza were rather discouraging to our heroes, the undignified scramble leading to The Monkees decison to play their own music and leaving Boyce and Hart out in the cold... or so it seemed. As well as continuing to contribute songs, they took a sideways leap. Effectively they had already had a couple of number one singles and a number one album so a "solo" (or should that be "duo") deal with A&M was a no brainer. Tommy and Bobby set forth on a career as bona fide Pop stars in their own right...starting with a major hit in "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight" and recording three albums and a number of singles of wonderful Monkees style California pop... and why not? They were there from day one! TV appearances, tours, the usual Pop star treadmill which they'd avoided by being backroom boys beckoned, leaving a superpop legacy of brilliant songs, for this... their first ever CD collection!
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