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Melt Inside CD

After 7 years and almost 50 releases on nearly as many labels (Enraptured, Ochre, Rocket Racer, to name but a few), Yellow6 returns after a 2 year break with a new album, Melt Inside. While retaining the melodic, enveloping guitar soundscapes of previous releases, Melt Inside is different in one key element. On this occasion, Jon's mesmerising, minimalist, guitar-based arrangements are enhanced by the divine vocals of Ally Todd. The album features 9 tracks, composed and recorded between Lund, Sweden and Leicestershire, UK during 2004-5. But it is more than simply a collection of songs. These are vibrant, emotional stories of love and loathing, of mystery and intrigue, of despair and elation. With her deep and, at times, bizarre lyrics, and the ability to switch from sounding sultry and sexy to quite menacing, often within the same song, Ally brings a completely new dimension to Yellow6. "lush guitar drones, multiple picked guitar lines, piano melodies, soothing atmospheric soundscapes and tasteful electronic drums. that's what is so great about Yellow6--he can make something remarkable out of fairly unremarkable elements " -- Track Listing: 1. Pacific Rough, 2. Between Two, 3. Solone, 4. Never Stay Too Long, 5. As Seen From Above, 6. STHLM, 7. Long Saturday, 8. On Returning, 9. Ten. Total time 61:32.
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