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4 Women No Cry CD

Monika continues to represent with 4 Women No Cry, an astonishing collection of new and underappreciated female talent from around the world; the first volume of an annual CD/LP series. Consider this quartet: Georgia, Argentina, Austria and France. That is: Tusia Beridze (aka TBA), Rosario Blefari, Catarina Pratter and Eglantine Gouzy. Monika focuses on music which is decidedly artful, sounds that feel at home in a gallery as they do at a concert hall. 4 Women No Cry carries this ideal further into the marketplace, collecting output from four very unique songwriting talents. Each artist is represented on the record with approximately fifteen minutes of music. A quick rundown of the roster: Tusia Beridze, discovered and supported by techno godhead Thomas Brinkmann, hails from Georgia and was recently highlighted with a full-page story in XLR8R. Blefari is an actress, label manager and songwriter not unlike Juana Molina. Pratter is a theater director, playwright and Cheap recording artist. Gouzy, who has recorded for Fat Cat, plays Paris consistently and composed the music for couture designer Stephanie Coudert. How could you not want to listen to that kind of talent? Amazing. This is not indie rock, not electronica, not folk, this is artsong: music delicate but impermeable, inimate and universal. Music which is yours and everyone's. An art gallery for the ears, and your headphones are the curator. Come to the opening for the new exhibition: 4 Women No Cry.
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