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Some bands seem too good to be true. Querelle, born and bred in Italy but resident in North London, formed in 2001. They played beautiful music and mined the elegiac poise of Blonde Redhead, the clipped art-rock of the Lapse and the angular onslaught of Sonic Youth. They looked every bit as exquisite as they sounded, flirted with local cult status, inspired lust and broke hearts, then promptly split up without releasing any records. If not too good to be true, it seemed that were at least too good to exist. When they finally emerged from their self-imposed exile, they continued exactly where they left off: walking the boundary between haunting melody and blissful noise. A collage of aching guitar that bursts into jagged feedback, nderpinned by sinuous bass and cavernous drums; modelling skinny hips and angular cheekbones, bringing mesmerising tones and bruising They looked every bit as exquisite as they sounded, inspired lust and broke hearts, only this time round they released split singles with the Wow and the Dudley Corporation, and signed with Sink and Stove Records. They've played with the lies of KaitO, Life Without Buildings, Degrassi and Econoline. Everyone has an idea of what they're ideal band should sound like. It's just that it's very rare for these bands to exist anywhere outside of your head. Querelle will be playing across the UK promoting their new record. Reviews to run in NME, Fly, Artrocker, Plan B, Rocksound and more tbc.
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