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Jesus Chryst CD

The Peppermints have been bratting around the world since 1997. Born in Bonsall, California (world avocado capital), they soon slithered into San Diego, world capital of military bases and wet burritos. They slimed their way through the music-scene muck to become the queens and king of what they call "experimental barfy trash-rock." Their sound has been compared at times to the likes of GG Allin, The Fall, Melt Banana, Joan Jett, The Coachwhips, The Soft Boys, Wire, and Noh Mercy, but critics have been flummoxed trying to define the Peppermints. Their first releases were cassettes on the Ivy Oh! imprint. Later, they put out a 7" on Pet Set Records, then an EP on Ivy Oh! and NGWTT. On April Fools' Day, 2003, out came Sweettooth Abortion (with guest appearances by members of Kill Me Tomorrow) on Pandacide Records. They have toured the west coast too many times to count, including a 2004 fall tour with the Hot Snakes, and have done the US at least three times that they can remember. One Peppermint has led another life in the band T Tauri. And the rest is yet to come...
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