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Adam McIntyre

Nothing Means Anything CD

Having paid his dues with some of Nashville's underground luminaries, Adam McIntyre emerged in 2003 with his solo debut Rockstars & Superheroes. McIntyre's introductory album sharply positioned him as an artist to watch. The offering of harmony-laden tunes, bolstered by an intricate power chord latticework, was massively praised in its live form as well. The Alabama native has been treading the boards and wowing audiences from Chicago to Liverpool as well as in his current home base, Nashville. With this year's stunning follow-up, Nothing Means Anything, Adam McIntyre reinvents himself and presents a compelling statement on love and its accompanying struggles. He fuses together the dynamic urgency present in his first album with a more mature, thoughtful perspective. Additionally, McIntyre demonstrates a profuse abundance of talent, as he has provided the majority of deft instrumental work present on Nothing Means Anything. With Nothing Means Anything, Adam McIntyre has constructed a personal pop monument. Previous and uninitiated fans alike will discover a rich and instantly-inviting array of styles heretofore untapped by many of his less-adventurous contemporaries. McIntyre outdistances them all on his 2nd album, and that fact alone should make everyone perk up their ears.
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