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Odd Nosdam

Burner 2xLP

Burner is a work that undeniably declares the presence of an artist in his prime. A radical departure from ODD NOSDAM's past productions, Burner is a dense, seamless composition of found sounds, obscure records and diverse instrumentation. His trademark lo-fi aesthetic-familiar to listeners of cLOUDDEAD-can be attributed to the harmony extant between his G4 and a trusty 8-track cassette deck. Twelve tracks of simple, head-nodding rhythms and balls-out emotional dynamics. Includes contributions from DOSH, ANDREW BRODER (FOG), DAX PIERSON, JOSIAH WOLF, MIKE PATTON, ORVAR SMARASON (MÚM), JEL, WHY?, LIZ HODSON, JESSICA BAILIFF, and others.
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