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Wire, The

Issue #256 June 2005 MAG+CD

Note new higher price. Thanks a lot American dollar! On the cover: Laugh Till It Hurts -- "Received wisdom says humour and music don't mix, only everybody you speak to can name some exceptions to the rule. Add all those exceptions together and you have our special humour and music feature. this being The Wire, we are not concerned with comedy or novelty songs here; rather, we're interested in examples of humour and absurdity that challenge, wrongfoot or undermine habit-forming practises in composers, performers and listeners. We're talking Cage and Kagel Scores, Fluxus Pranks, Han Bennink Slapstick, John Zorn Duck Calls, The Vic Reeves/Steve Beresford/Evan Parker Axis, Noise Effects as disruptive devices, Robert Wyatt's songs, and so on. As with every aspect of The Wire, this article will search outside the box to uncover some of the most weird and wonderful moments of humour in alternative music." Artists featured on The Wire Tapper 13 covermount CD (included w/ all copies): "Fallt Tu m', Domino Pajo, Domino Juana Molina, Carpark Ariel Pink, Monotreme Recs, Picastro with Dwayne Sodahberk, Aesthetics Mandarin Movie, Cuneiform John Surman, Tigerbeat 6 Kid 606, Die Stadt Fover Hex, Ici d'ailleurs Matt Elliott, Horen Akinori, Strange Attractors Nick Castro, Jazzaway Crimetime orchestra, Resonant Port-Royal, Groenland Bombay 1, Bip Hop Deviationists, Kool arrow Alexander Hacke, Track & Field Currituck County." Features: The Books ("literate upstate New York duo"), Cooper-Moore ("veteran NYC freedom jazz multi-instrumentalist), Clemens Gadenstatter ("Austria's latest comic sensation), Invisible Jukebox: Mark Stewart ("the Bristolian godfather of punk-funk"), Tod Dockstader ("reclusive American tape music pioneer").
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