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Vague Angels

Themepark Ashtray 7"

Vague Angels perform "Themepark Ashtray in Ashtray Themepark" by the legendary and fictitious band The Breaks as it appears on their album Truth Loved which functions as Chapter 7 in the novel White Pigeons by CHRIS LEO b/w Lavender Diamond met Vague Angels at The Wild Frontier and sang "Wild" August 2004. Fans of Chris Leo's former projects (THE LAPSE, VAN PELT, NATIVE NOD) will recognize his distinct blend of verbosity and musical virtuosity on his new single. With strange lyrical narratives and dense arrangements, Vague Angels sound like the culmination of a style and sound that he's been developing for years. Chris took time off from performing music to write a pair of novels. The first, White Pigeons, includes the album Truth Loved. The album functions as chapter 7 of the novel and is performed by the book's fictitious band The Breaks. This is a limited-edition release with handmade artwork, so be sure to get your paws on it before the rest of the rabid Chris Leo fans do. Lavender Diamond and Vague Angels may never meet again.
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