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Magic Arrows

Sweet Heavenly Angel of Death CD

Scott Beschta, Milwaukee's own Syd Barett, has been recording tracks on his own since his early days of living with Erik Kowalski (Casino Versus Japan) in 1998. Magic Arrows represents exactly the kind of lo-fi psychedelic sound that Wobblyhead built the label upon: Sampler, guitar, bass, keyboard and effects all recorded onto cassette tapes. It’s the drum loops of DJ Shadow, the genius pop hook sensibilities of Brian Wilson and the psychedelic drones of Spacemen 3.
Repetition is the flagship concept here, as the music requests your presence to investigate the darker corners of the song field. Sweet Heavenly Angel of Death brings to mind the sensory overloaded urgency of David Crosby’s If I Could Only Remember My Name, as it is a shambolic masterpiece, meandering but transcendentally so, full of frayed beats and hazy blissful melodies. The incongruities are left in the mix, and it’s all the better for it.
Magic Arrows has many faces, usually depending on what hardware is on hand during the time of each recording. In his most elemental phase, Scott uses jaw-droppingly obvious samples from groups like the Pet Shop Boys and Sting, and folds them into lo-fi effects and treated layers of guitars and synths. While being an elemental "layer and loop" process, the results are peculiarly astonishing. On the flipside, Magic Arrows records very beautiful acoustic arrangements via 4 track, covering a wide range of abstract topics such as religion and other drugs.
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