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Bunny Brains 88

Squirrel Attack DELUXE BOX SET

Special edition boxed set limited to 88 numbered copies with lathe-cut 8.8" picture disc & CD album featuring the infamous BunnyBrains 88. The record has an exclusive (and brilliant) instrumental rendition of the Hawkwind classic Born To Go along with a live rendition of their smash hit Squirrel Attack. This record is only available as part of the special edition of E=mc6. The CD album, E=mc8(cd), has more exclusive material - a complete (and coherent!) unedited live performance in New Haven (CT) from 26th Jan 2005. This luxurious boxset comes in a hand-made letterpress printed card box by the renowned artist and graphic artist Bruce Lichter (Savage Republic) along with inserts, sticker and badge. BunnyBrains 88 are based around 2 original members of the BunnyBrains (Bobby Bunny and Malcolm Hutch). Here they provide over 21 minutes of hard-hitting studio and live tracks that defy simple catagorization. As we need to say something here they are essentially a mix of avant-indie-punk (once they were described as "proto-plasmic funsters" whatever that means!). The live side delivers 2 blistering tracks: one based around the classic Hawkwind track Born To Go and the other a longer and extraodinary piece - Independent Civilian Interrogation & Defense Contractor. This is an unyielding barrage of effects-laden power that demands repeated listening with a climax built on manic guiter, feedback, looped vocals on a solid, driving, bass-line. This really is an excellent track. Honest. The A-side has vocal and instrumental versions of Squirrel Attack (1 in each groove). This is classic BunnyBrains 88 with quircky vocals and an edgy riff. The sleeves were printed on a late 19th centuary letterpress machine by Bruce Lichter (Independent Projects Press, Sedona, AZ) with a gross kitsch/glitzy-sticker on the front and a photo of the band on the inside. Simply a beautiful item.
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