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Hair Police

Drawn Dead CD

This record is so dark, you can smell the burning flesh and will have to shake the human ash from your clothes after each listen. From the second this record starts, you're in for total oppressive heaviness, a slow suffocation of sick tones and blunt shrapnel. HAIR POLICE have taken sound to the sickest realms possible, with guitar, drums, and electronics. With serious overwhelming grit and shadowy fuzz, the four untitled pieces on this downer disc never reach a rock pace, instead choosing to lumber through some of the meanest tones ever laid down. Industrial in the truest sense--factory ambience and disembodied moans in absolute darkness. Drawn Dead is a horrifying lump of old school tape noise sludge collage with the anger and muscles of In My Head-era Black Flag and the psychedelic mind fuckery of To Live And Shave In LA. Limited to 1000 copies only.
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