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First CD from One Inch Of Shadow's Mirt doing the next new, weird, perhaps even inexplicable thing on LVD. Broken down lounge-pop with field recordings? Here's a trip down serious obscurity lane! Catsun records should have had their breakthrough a long time ago, instead they nearly called it quits when fame passed them up. Dead Raven Choir proved you could be weird and Polish and still cut it, but it seems like nobody gave Mirt and his fascinating Catsun Records a chance. Obscure by only a slightly lesser degree is his own band, One Inch of Shadow (good luck finding a review in English!) I quite enjoyed One Inch's Bring the Alchemy to School set and Brasil seemed to fit on LVD as well as anywhere else. Here Mirt is joined by Dominic Savio, Marry (?) and various other people I've never heard of before. Trying to describe the album is even worse: There is perhaps some connection to Dead Raven Choir, well if Dead Raven Choir was performing his normal evilness to covers of Low. So it has this strange barely executed pop thing going on with occasional jazz instrumentation. Have you figured out what this sounds like yet? Neither have I. Well I still remember when Finland sounded really strange and inexplicable. This is the new really strange and inexplicable album for LVD.
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