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Long overdue domestic CD from Clayton Noone (also with releases as Armpit on Celebrate Psi Phenomena). This one is a bit on the melodic side (especially having heard 'headache') and might possibly be the ideal introduction to the world of CJA. Clayton Noone is yet another one of the key players in the post HCorp NZ scene; going back as far or farther than Birchville Cat Motel; but where others have focused on noisescape and drone, Noone has always been more confrontational. My first introduction to his music was another CJA release, the appropriately titled 'Headache' (look out! Soon to be rereleased on CPSIP!) where sidelong slabs of feedback assaulted the listener from tape start to tape end. Elsewhere Noone has operated under the title of Armpit and accomplished much in the junk-noise vein. Most significant however are his double CD release 'The Tank' on Pink Skulls and his new Art-Punk project (for lack of a better genre pigeon-hole), The Futurians. Among all this mess is Ironclad; perhaps the safest of all places to start. Melodic and often quite subdued, this is like a pleasant, even personal sit-down with Clayton before all the shit breaks loose. Everything you know about Noone and his various projects is here, just kept at bay enough for the thing to actually resemble music a bit. Well, I guess wel all need an album that isn't completely out of its mind. This one is only half out of its mind and subsequently might not piss EVERYONE off.
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