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Damon and Naomi

Earth Is Blue LP

A year in the making, The Earth Is Blue is Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang's most intimate and accomplished record to date. Delicate harmonies and intricate melodic lines dominate the album's ten tracks, all of which were recorded in the duo's home studio. Michio Kurihara flew in from Japan, where he provides the guitar playing for the genius psych-folk of Ghost, and added another layer of inspiration to the songs. Also contributing are trumpeter Greg Kelley and soprano saxophonist Bhob Rainey of Boston's nmperign. Along with eight original songs, the group beautifully interprets "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by George Harrison and "Araša Azul" by Caetano Veloso.
The Earth Is Blue marks the first release on Damon & Naomi's record label, 20/20/20. After almost a decade with Sub Pop, the band decided to oversee the production and distribution of their new release. The Earth Is Blue is a song of hope, and its thoughtful charm will be a strong sedative toward worries beyond control.
In the five years since Damon & Naomi released With Ghost (Sub Pop), the duo have released the live Song To The Siren CD/DVD, which documented trips through the US, UK, Europe, Brazil, Japan and Taiwan supporting With Ghost.
They run Exact Change, an independent publishing company dedicated to re-releasing innovative surrealist literature of the 20th Century. Damon just released The Memory Theater Burned (Turtle Point Press), a dynamic and cerebral book of poetry. In addition, the band oversaw the recent releases of a Galaxie 500 DVD/CD of rare material. What's more, they just completed a swing state tour accompanying Yo La Tengo.
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