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A brand new one from acclaimed Los Angeles drums-and-keyboards duo DDM (aka DANCE DISASTER MOVEMENT). Snow On The TV rocks somewhere between New York's loft disco and Düseseldorf's motor beats, Yoko Ono's thin ice and Vivien Goldman's private armies, with a buttload of Faust thrown in for good measure. Dance, freak, breakdown, and dance some more.
The band formerly known as Dance Disaster Movement has made such a powerful upgrade, it just might crash your system. We're talking about Snow On The TV, the California duo's sweaty digital meltdown of a second album. If their initial Dim Mak operating system, We Are From Nowhere, was enough to make thousands of fans shake off their jaded attitudes about electronic punk-disco, DDM's latest upgrade delivers the melodic hooks and further devolved rhythms to overload your dance party system. Snow On the TV is the culmination of the perverse electronic leer of Aphex Twin mixed with the cold funk fusion of early Public Image Ltd. and A Certain Ratio. Like tracing the trajectory of particles in an explosion, vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Kevin Litrow and octopus-limbed drummer Matt Howze create devastating eruptions in simultaneous fast and slow motion.
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