Tonevender Mailorder - 14 E University Ave. #206 / Gainesville, FL / 32601

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"Big Bear finished off the night with an unrelenting avalanche of metallic art-punk. The five-piece's close-knit compositions pummeled and exploded in a fashion not unlike the late, great Unwound. ..Regardless, they played a damn fine show..." - Delusions of Adequacy
Hailing from Boston, with two years under their belt, Big Bear aren't quite what you would expect given their unassuming appearance. Using a seldom tapped harmonic palette, Big Bear layers "twisting snake" guitars over a crest of low end bass and blast beats. Intense, screaming vocals float on top tambourine cracked shin guards. Big Bear has no real solid reference point to consider. Sound like this, sound like that... none of it matters to any of them. While presently building a reputation for explosive and exceptionally loud live performances, coupled with the intensity and technical proficiency they exhibit both on stage and recorded, Big Bear undoubtedly stands to sonically re-configure, convert, and astonish many audiences in the future.
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